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Angeline Champeau Rioux House.

Angeline Champeau Rioux House (Howard)

Historical Place Page

Champeau School (Howard)

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Duck Creek Cemetery

Duck Creek Cemetery – Old St. John the Baptiste Cemetery (Howard)

Find A Grave Page

St. Benedict Cemetery

St. Benedict Catholic Church Cemetery (Holy Sepulcher)(Suamico)

Catholic Diocese Site

Mills Center School in Howard

Mills Center School (Howard)

Pamperin Park

Pamperin Park Pavilion (Howard)

Brown County Parks Site

Henry House in Suamico

Henry House (Suamico)

Ancestry Acres Project

St. John Cemetery

St. John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery (Howard)

Find A Grave Site

St. John Baptist Church

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church (Howard)

Church Website

St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Suamico

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (Suamico)

Church Website

Suamico Public Cemetery in Suamico

Suamico Public Cemetery (Suamico)

Find A Grave Site

Tremble School (Suamico)

Tremble School Project

Flintville Church and Burial Site

Vickery VIllage Homestead in Suamico

Vickery Village (Suamico)

Vickery Village Website