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HSHS Looking for Tremble Photos
HSHS Looking for Tremble Photos HSHS is looking for pictures of Tremble School and the students that attended. Contact Tim ...
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HSHS Looking for Tremble Photos

Monthly Minutes

Howard-Suamico Historical Society

October 7, 2021 Life Bridge Church, 2496 Glendale Avenue

Call to order: The October Meeting of HSHS was called to order by President, Tim Rasmussen at 6:00 pm

Roll Call: Present: Tim Rasmussen, Barb Styczynski, Ellery Gulbrand, Brian Gillaume, Henry VandenHeuvel, Geri Corbeille, Steve Pamperin, Jan Deneys Excused: Tom Mooren

Minutes: The minutes from the September HSHS meeting were approved with a motion by Brian Gillaume and a second by Henry VandenHeuvel.

Treasurer Report: Treasurer, Steve Pamperin, reported HSHS current assets. Ellery Gulbrand made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report and to pay outstanding bills. Motion seconded by Geri Corbeille. Motion carried.

New Business:

Barb Styczynski reported the HSHS calendars have been received and are ready for sale.

Tim Rasmussen reported the Howard Christmas Parade will be held on Saturday, December 4, 2021. Henry VandenHeuvel is in charge of getting the HSHS Antique Fire Truck ready for the parade.

Tim Rasmussen reported the Village of Suamico will have Pumpkin Painting along with Trick or Treat on October 21, 2021, at Ancestry Acres. People will be needed to hand out candy and pumpkins. Help also needed to collect pumpkins.

Barb Styczynski reported HSHS has received $500 from the Packers “Dollars for Doers” Grant. Thank-youTim Rasmussen for your participation and the work you do to earn the $500.

Tim Rasmussen reported this year’s HSHS Christmas Party will be held on Thursday, December 2 at Life Bridge Church. Bring a snack to pass and if you wish to participate in the gift exchange, bring a $5-$8 gift. Each participating lady a gift suitable for a lady (marked lady) and each participating man a gift suitable for a man (marked man).

Tim Rasmussen reported the booyah sale will again be held at Whispering Pines on Saturday, December 4. Help will be needed at Tim’s house cleaning vegetables at 9 a.m. on Friday, December 3 and also on Saturday, December 4, making and selling booyah.

Old Business:

Tim Rasmussen reported articles for HSHS Newsletter continue to be needed. The deadline for the next newsletter is October 10th.

Tim Rasmussen reported that he and Russ Roland will be presenting the idea of moving the Tremble School to Ancestry Acres at the School Board meeting on October 11, 2021. They will be presenting the idea to Suamico Village Board sometime after that. Fund raising is moving forward toward a minimum goal of $75,000 by next spring.

Tim Rasmussen reported volunteers are needed for the Open House at Ancestry Acres on Wednesday, October 20.

Jan Deneys reported she is working on data entry for the HSHS History Committee.

Barb Styczynski needs ideas for programs to present at HSHS General Meetings. If you have ideas, please contact Barb Styczynski or Tim Rasmussen.

Tim Rasmussen reported the Village of Howard was contacted regarding another leak in the roof of the HSHS Museum and Office on Maywood Avenue. The Village of Howard has reported a new roof will be installed this fall.

Jan Deneys made a motion to adjourn with a second by Brian Gillaume. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 6:32 p.m.Respectfully submitted,Ellery Gulbrand, SecretaryDates to Remember:

November 4, 2021 (Board Meeting)

December 2, 2021 (Christmas Party at Life Bridge Church)

January 6, 2022 (Board Meeting)

February 3, 2022 (General Meeting) Program to Be Announced

Thank You to our volunteers: Together we make a difference!