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Monthly Minutes

Howard Suamico Historical Society Minutes

August 3rd, Life Bridge Church, 2496 Glendale Ave

Call to Order:   The meeting was called to order by President Tim Rasmussen at 5:34pm.

Roll Call:  Present were T Rasmussen, B Styczynski, J Deneys, S Pamperin, J Steffen, M Drzewiecki, G Corbeille, B Gilluame and J Schabow.

Minutes:  The minutes were not available because the secretary did not have a computer.  So very sorry.

Treasurer’s Report:   S Pamperin read the July treasurer’s report.  Cash on-hand is $25, 011.22.

New Business:  He did it again!  Tim volunteered his time and secured a grant from the Packers Dollars for Doers program, which went to the Howard-Suamico Historical Society.  Thanks Tim!  The grant is $500 and thanks to all his helpers too.  It was a group effort.

A committee of J Steffen, M Drzewiecki, T Rasmussen and G Corbeille, was formed to meet with the Village of Suamico’s Steve Kubacki and Bonnie Swan, to discuss the possible uses of the barn and house at Ancestry Acres.  They will meet on Monday, August 21stat 10am.  Things discussed will be parking, permits, regulations and any possible restrictions.

Have you renewed your HSHS membership for 2018?  Please contact Steve or Tim if you need to.

Barn staining at Ancestry Acres will probably take place in September; it will be the second coat.  Volunteers are certainly appreciated.  More to come on the dates and times…

B Styczynski and J Schabow have taken the 2018 calendars in for printing and hope to have them available for sale in early October.

The Scholarship committee, headed by M Drzewiecki, will meet in early October to choose a subject for this years’ essay.   HSHS offers a $1,000 scholarship to a senior at Bay Port who is continuing their education and submits the winning essay, judged by the committee.

Old Business:  The Ancestry Acres house decorating is nearing completion and is ready for use as soon as guidelines are set.  J Smurawa and T Rasmussen cleaned the eaves on the house and garages and D Reins installed new eaves troughs on the barn at a cost of $590.  Volunteers are needed to pick stones and sticks in the new lawn and to trim the shrubbery. 


J Schabow reported that $132.54 was brought in by the can collection in July.  Thanks to all contributors!

Sales of books and Opoly games also brought in money, per T Rasmussen and B Styczynski.

The next HSHS Memory show will be Saturday, September 9th at the Weyers-Hilliard Library, 2680 Riverview Dr., Green Bay, 54313.  The show will start at 2pm.  Bring your photos to be scanned and returned to you the same day.   Snacks and beverages will be provided.

Do you need an Opoly game for a present?  Get them now at the bargain price of only $10!  Available from any board member or at the museum, they are full of fun and facts…

J Schabow reported the Used Book Sale is Thursday, August 9th, from 8-5:30pm at the Life Bridge Church, 2496 Glendale Ave.  Special sale from 4:30-5:30pm. Fill-a-bag for only $2.  Bags are provided. 

J Schabow is working on the fall Newsletter. 

Adjourn:  The meeting was adjourned at 5:59pm on a motion by J Schabow, seconded by M Drzewiecki.  Motion was carried.

After the meeting, Frank Hermans from Let Me Be Frank productions entertained in the auditorium of Life Bridge Church.  As always, Frank was very entertaining and told how he got started.  He also sang a few songs, one with his wife Amy.  Laughter and a good time was had by all!

The October 5th entertainment will be Brian Drown, an HSHS member who likes to dig things up!  He uses his metal detector to find all kinds of objects and will explain where he finds them and what they are.  You will not want to miss this.

Submitted by J Deneys, Secretary

Dates to remember:

August 9th, Annual Used Book Sale, 2496 Glendale Ave., 8am to 5:30pm

September 7th, Board meeting 6pm, Museum, 605 Maywood Ave.

September 9th, Memories Show, 2pm, Weyers-Hilliard Library. 2680 Riverview Dr. Howard.

October 5th, 7pm, Life Bridge Church, Brian Drown will show us what he has dug up!

November 2nd. Board meeting, 6pm, at the Museum, 605 Maywood Ave.

December 7th, annual HSHS Christmas Party, more to come…


Dan Willquette wishes to inform all HSHS members that the Old Geezers Band will be playing on Sunday, August 20th, from 2-6pm at Chamber’s Hill Bar.  Two of the band members are HSHS members, Dan Williquette and Dan Laubenstein.    For old guys, they sound pretty darn good!