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Monthly Minutes

Howard Suamico Historical Society Minutes

February 1st, 2018

Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 6pm by President T Rasmussen

Roll Call:  Present were T Rasmussen, B Styczynski, J Spice-Deneys, S Pamperin, M Drzewiecki, J Steffen, B Gilluame.  Excused were J Schabow and G Corbeile.

Minutes:  The January minutes were approved on a motion by M Drzewiecki, second by B Gillaume.  Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report:  S Pamperin went over the February 1st balance sheet reporting the current cash balance is $30,077.38.  Sales of the books Early Duck Creek History, Flemish in Wisconsin, Marchant Relatives, Memories of Old Duck Creek, Suamico-The Fishing Village, Tomah, Wisconsin Fur Trade People, Wisconsin Creoles and Lars Wencentsin Book, as well as the 2018 and older calendars, continue to sell.  Contact Barb at 920-434-0525 to purchase items.

New Business:  T Rasmussen has completed the Wisconsin Historical Society annual report.

A new computer and a program for obituaries has been purchased with funds generously donated by the family of Rosella Sconzert.   

Old Business:  J Schabow sent a message saying she and Jean Kaiser are currently working on the Spring/April Newsletter.

B Styczynski, Phyliss, T Rasmussen, B Gillaume, Tom Mooren, Jim Smurawa and Russ Roland are currently working on the homestead at Ancestry Acres.  Old trim has been removed and new reinstalled, wallpaper has been stripped, and old carpet has been removed.  After painting, the new carpet tile will be installed.  The carpet tiles were donated by Gegare Tile and Todd Edlebeck. 

A few Howard-Suamico Opoly games have sold and are still available for $10 each from any board member or at the HSHS Museum.  They make a great gift for Valentine's Day, St. Patricks Day, Easter, birthdays, anniversaries, National Pizza Day, Presidents Day, National Peanut Butter Lovers Day, Novruz, Daylight Savings Time Ends or any other occasion.

Ancestry Acres Use Committee, consisting of Mary Steffen and Tim Rasmussen, will meet, with Suamico Village officials and concerned citizens, to decide the property use parameters after the property is rezoned in March.  No date has been set for that meeting yet.

 M Drzewiecki reminded that the deadline is coming soon for submitting an essay and applying for the annual $1,000 HSHS scholarship.  Contact Michele McCormick at Bayport High School.

J Deneys reported that things are on track for the HSHS participation in the 2018 History Treasure Tour to be held May 16th.  Brochures have just been received and fourteen organizations will be participating this year.  HSHS will feature the restored farmhouse and there will be a "barn dance" in the barn.   4-8pm, mark your calendar! It is also the 200th anniversary of Brown County.

Saturday February 24th is the 10th annual HSHS Memories Show.  It will be at 2pm at Weyers-Hilliard Library, 2580 Riverview Dr.   Join us for an afternoon of pictures, memories and snacks to commemorate our history and heritage.

Adjourn:  The meeting was adjourned at 6:28pm on a motion by B Styczynski, second by M Drzewiecki.  Motion carried.

The meeting was followed by an excellent presentation by HSHS member Clyde Pagel and his fellow carvers Roger Young, Gil Nowak, Bob Decker and Dan Hemminger. 

Welcome new members Bonnie Flaeschel and Ann (Vickery) Anderson.

Dates to Remember:

February 24thHSHS 10th anniversary Memories Show, 2pm, Weyers-Hilliard Library.

March 1st, HSHS Board meeting, 6pm, HSHS Museum, 605 Maywood Ave.

Submitted by J Spice-Deneys, Secretary