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Monthly Minutes

Howard-Suamico Historical Society

June 1st, 2017

Townline Sports Bar and Banquet Hall  

Call to Order:  President T Rasmussen called the meeting to order at 6:50pm.

Roll Call:  Tim Rasmussen, president: Barb Styczynski, vice-president:  Jan Deneys, secretary:  Steve Pamperin, treasurer:  Geri Corbeille, Jerry Steffen, Joy Schabow, directors, present; Mary Drzewiecki, director, excused.    


Update from President:  An update on the society was presented by T Rasmussen.  He also thanked the banquet committee consisting of B Styczynski, J Schabow and G Corbeille.  


Treasurers Report:  The treasurer’s report was not presented at the banquet.  

Nominating Committee report:  The nominating committee, composed of Linda Adlebush and Joy Schabow, presented the following nominees for consideration:     


President:  Tim Rasmussen, nominated by Barb Joachim, second by Janice Van Horn.  

Vice-president:  Barb Styczynski, nominated by Peggy Shurmur, second by Karen Daniels. 

Treasurer:  Steve Pamperin, nominated by Cookie Oryall, second by Darold Rogers.

Secretary:  Jan Spice-Deneys, nominated by Elaine Zahorik, second by Russ Roland.

Director: Geri Corbeille: nominated by Mary Steffen, second by Darold Rogers.

Director:  Brian Gillaume: nominated by Chris Gillaume, second by Ken Weidner.

None of the nominees were opposed and all were unanimously elected.   

Adjourn:  The meeting was adjourned at 7:00pm on a motion by Burt McIntyre, second by G Corbeille.    Motion carried.   Next Board meeting, July 13th, 605 Maywood Ave.


August 10th, Used Book Sale at Life Bridge Church.  Gently used books can be dropped off at Thornberry Cottage, Kimp’s Ace Hardware or the Suamico Village Hall. 


June-July-Aluminum can collection, large bin behind Howard Village Hall.  We need your cans!  

September Memories Show at Idlewild Park, Suamico, (date to be announced).

Welcome new members: Ann Wasurick, Rick Hidde, Sharon Karow, Tom Mooren, Mary Jo Reimer and Townline Sports Bar and Grill/Dave Luedke (Patron/Partner)..