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Monthly Minutes


The March Howard-Suamico Historical Society meeting was called to order Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at 5:56pm.


Present were: President Tm Rasmussen, Vice-President Barb Styczynski, Treasurer, Steve Pamperin, Board Members Jerry Steffen, Mary Drzewiecki, Joy Schabow

Excused were: Secretary Jann Deneys, Board Members Jim Smurawa and Geri Corbeille.

MINUTES: Minutes were approved by Mary Drzewiecki, seconded by Barb Styczynski.

TREASURER'S REPORT: The Society has received a check for $15,000 from the Village of Suamico to be applied to the replacement of the barn roof at Ancestry Acres. A complete Treasurer's Report will be emailed to the Officers and Board.

WHS ANNUAL REPORT: The annual report has been completed by President Tim Rasmusse
n and has been sent in.

BOY SCOUTS OFFER: Tim Rasmussen reported Bruce and Robert Cantrall have offered to work on various projects at Ancestry Acres. Robert will be working on an Eagle Scout project. Thank you to the Cantrall family - we appreciate the help!
HS LIONS CLUB 40TH ANNIVERSARY BANQUET: The Howard-Suamico Lions Club has extended an invitation to everyone as they celebrate 40 years of service. This event will also feature the awarding of the 1st Annual Lions Club Community Service Award to an outstanding citizen of the community.
The event will be April 5, 2017 at Rivers Bend Supper Club in Howard. Social at 6pm, Dinner at 7pm. Meal cost is $25.00. Reservation deadline is April 1, 2017.

If interested, please fill out the form below.......

Make checks out to Howard-Suamico Lions Club.
Send reservations to:

Ted Handrick, 960 Hillcrest Heights, Green Bay, WI. 54313

ANNUAL BANQUET: this year's Annual Banquet will be held Thursday, June 1, 2017. Additional information will be forthcoming.
NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Linda Adelbush and Joy Schabow will be on this year's nominating committee. Up for election will be President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Directors Geri Corbeille and Jim Smurawa.

ANCESTRY ACRES: The State Inspector and Suamico Village Inspector looked over the barn and it is okay to go. Tree removal was resumed by the Village of Suamico and they finished removing the trees. The stumps are going to be removed and the yard leveled. They are also planning on removing the large dirt pile - some of it may be used for fill if needed. The parlor in the house has been complete and decorated. Cupboards were removed in the kitchen and the carpeting was removed. Wallpaper removal is now being done and will be followed by sanding
and painting before the floor is installed. Some of the cabinets may be used in the Gathering Place for storage.

MEMORIES SHOW: Our anniversary show was held February 18 with approximately 30 people in attendance. Our next scheduled Memories Show will be held in September and may be held at the Ancestry Acres barn. More information forthcoming.

FUND-RAISING: We made $48.23 cents during the month of February aluminum can collection. The next collection will be in June.

BOOK SALE: Barb Styczynski reported six books were sold in February, and she will be ordering more books to keep our inventory supplied.
OPOLY GAMES: We have decided to have a Spring Sale for the Opoly Games. Effective immediately, we are selling them at half price. Normally $20, now available for $10!!!!!! Contact
any Officer or Board Member if interested. We also plan to donate a game to the Howard library for their game night.

PROGRAMS: The April meeting will be very special as we are joined by Mr. Firman Balza, a survivor of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Mr. Balza is 93 years young and will be sharing his experiences with us. April 6 at 7 pm at Lifebridge Church - Mark your calendars!

SCHOLARSHIPS: Mary Drzewiecki reported this year's topic is "Dairy Farming in Howard and Suamico". She will have additional information next month.

 HSHS OFFICE: The Internet has now been installed at the office and we are now able to access the Internet and work on various projects from home.

OTHER: President Tim Rasmussen donated a new computer to replace the outdated one.
Vice President Barb Styczynski suggested a Memories Show be held at the Ancestry Acres barn focusing on Boy Scouts. This would tie in with our desire to have informational and educational programs at the barn.

WISH LIST: Tim Rasmussen reported we are currently looking for an old kitchen sink for the house at Ancestry Acres, not to exceed four feet long.

WHS MINI GRANT: the possibility of asking for a grant for LED lights and/or archival boxes was discussed

A motion was made by Jerry Steffen to adjourn, seconded by Mary Drzewiecki. Meeting adjourned at 7:07pm.

Joy Schabow
Acting Secretary

Dates to Remember:
April 1 - Membership Meeting at 7pm at Lifebridge Church

June 1 - Annual Banquet
Month of June - Aluminum Can Collection