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Early Duck Creek History ~ 2nd Edition by Jeanne & Lester Rentmeester

This 2007 meticulously detailed book was 10+ years in the making.  This soft cover book gives us an in-depth look into our local past and covers a freshly updated and extensive  family history section of the 1880s Duck Creek (Howard)  residents.

$35.00 each

Also available at Thornberry Cottage and Royal Crest Printing

Flemish in Wisconsin by Jeanne & Lester Rentmeester

Because of the high number of Flemish settled in this area, the Rentmeesters decided to write this book.  Extensive research was involved and includes information on Belgium, life in the new world, cooking, stories and family histories of many of these early families, c. 1985, 2010.  3rd printing. 421p.

$35.00 each

Lars Wincentsen Biography by Robert Wincentsen

1893 to 1965 which was copyright in 2001.  Lars moved his family, which included his wife Inez and sons Robert and Lawrence to Suamico in 1937.  They purchased and ran Wincentsen's Cottages and Restaurant.  While this is a biography of Lars, it also includes many facts about Suamico.  74 pages.

$10.00 each

La Riviere au Canard - Duck Creek by Mrs. Mary Londeau Cormier

This delightful booklet is written by Mary Londeau Cormier in which she gives her view of the "Early Days of Duck Creek, Wisconsin."  This 1910 booklet is a duplicate reprint from the original, right down to the heavy stock paper and red ribbon which held the booklet together.

$5.00 each

(To receive this book via US Mail:  add $2.25 postage and handling within the USA).

Memories of Old Duck Creek by Jeanne & Lester Rentmeester

This is the first book written by Les and Jeanne. The purpose was to record a section of the Village of Howard history that was available from stories passed down in the family, combined with old letters in French and English, receipts and account books from the old saloon, quarry and lumber business and other papers left by the Rioux family.  A genealogy section is at the end. c. 1984, 2011. 2nd printing. 281 p.

$35.00 each

Our Marchant Relatives by Jeanne & Lester Rentmeester

This book was written about the family of Jeanne Rentmeester's mother.  Her mother was Lillian Marchant, who was of Belgian descent, more specifically Walloon.  Even though Jeanne's mother died very young, Jeanne became interested in her ancestry and researched the information for this book.  Included is information on Wallonia, immigration to America, the Red River area, family histories as well as information on the Walloon-American cooking, culture and anecdotes.  Many photos are included as well. c. 1995, 2nd printing. 377 p.

$35.00 each

Tomah by Jeanne & Lester Rentmeester

This story of Tomah was written because of information discovered while researching "The Wisconsin Fur Trade People."  It is the story of Tomah's accomplishments, leadership and his final tragic moments.  This book is also an early history of the Menominee Indians and shows the prominent role they had in the French, English and American history.  c.1997, 2012. 226 p.

$35.00 each

Wisconsin Creoles by Jeanne & Lester Rentmeester

Many early families in Wisconsin are of French and Indian descent.  This book begins with the coming of Jean Nicolet and covers the development of the mixed-blood families who settled in Wisconsin during the 1634 to 1834 time period.  As with Jeanne and Les' other books, it also includes family sketches of some of these early families. c.1987, 2011. 2nd printing. 377 p.

$35.00 each

Wisconsin Fur-Trade People by Jeanne & Lester Rentmeester

This book provides a list of Wisconsin fur-trade people dating from 1700 through 1834, based on available records extensively researched by the authors.  The book describes the conditions under which the fur-traders operated while under French, British and US control, and other interesting information about the fur-trade business.  c.1991, 2nd printing. 323 p.

$35.00 each

Tidbits: a collection of short stories on Suamico History by Jerry Henry

These little stories were written by the author about 20 years ago and now have been put together into a book to share some of Suamico's history.  This is a small paperback book of 68 pages.  Some topics included are the early mills, schools, lighthouses, landfills, churches, and the USS Suamico.

$7.00 each

Howard-Suamico Historical Society Calendars

Each month offers a vintage, full size photo, depicting life and times in Howard and Suamico.  Many monthly dates are marked with historical anniversaries and events of national interest, as well as local interest.  These calendars also have the history details and other helpful information regarding the Howard-Suamico Historical Society. 

2019 Calendar : $4.00  2018 Calendar: $4.00   2017 Calendar:  $4.00   2016 Calendar:  $4.00     2015 Calendar:  $4.00  2014 Calendar:  $4.00  2013 Calendar:  $4.00     2012 Calendar:  $4.00    2011 Calendar:  $4.00

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Available at:  H-S Memories Shows, HSHS Meetings, or purchase on-line.

Duck Creek Bricks - $10.00

From the historic Duck Creek Brick Company - we have these collectible bricks for sale.  They make great paperweights for the office or a unique shelf display item.  A copy of the Duck Creek Brick Company history is included with each brick sold.  Now available with inscribed wood base.

Howard-Suamico Historical Society Coffee Cups - $7.00

13 oz teal-blue glass mug printed with the white HSHS Logo...makes a wonderful statement!  Made in USA.

Howard-Suamico Historical Society Hats - $10.00

Embroidered HSHS Logo...one size fits all...makes a wonderful gift!


Watercolor Notecards

Notecards with watercolors by Jerry Steffen.  Available in a box of six cards, each card with a different scene, or as a single card.

Box of 6 - $8.00

Single    - $2.00


To purchase above items, Contact Barb Styczynski at basha41@aol.com


Howard-Suamico Opoly Game

This game is similar to the game you played years ago but this one has 54 local businesses on the board and also includes local historical photos from our archives on the board and in the instructional booklet. We have worked with a local company to produce this game as a fund raiser for HSHS. Many local businesses you have known over the years are on this game. The game sells for $5 and can be purchased from HSHS at our events and programs as well as at the following locations: Village of Howard and the Village of Suamico.

For those who prefer mail order, send a check for $18 ($5 cost and $13 shipping) to Howard-Suamico Historical Society, 605 Maywood Avenue, Green Bay, WI 54303

To purchase books or items listed below, contact  Barb Styczynski
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