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Events - Fundraising - Wish List

Our Wish List

We wish that everyone loved history like we do, 
so new members are always on our wish list!  

Recurring events are our memories shows, booyah sales and annual used book sale.

Our Ancestry Acres wish list!   And we can always use more photos for our Military Wall titled "Honor and Remember"!

The Green Bay Packers Give Back
A $500.00 Grant

Tim Rasmussen, President of the Howard-Suamico Historical Society volunteered over 200 hours while working on the house and barn at Ancestry Acres during the first six months of 2018. By doing so, the Green Bay Packers Give Back awarded the Howard Suamico Historical Society a grant for $500.00 in a way of supporting Tim and the time he gave to the Historical Society.
Thank you to the Green Bay Packers and all the hard work given by all the volunteers in working on the house and barn at Ancestry Acres.

Thank You to our volunteers: Together we make a difference!